Findentity Mobile Dictate

Use your BlackBerry smartphone as a professional dictaphone!


BlackBerry smartphones offer a multitude of functions as telephoning, e-mail push, multimedia, attachment viewing and an integration into existing IT systems – and all this while underway. But until now a separate voice recorder was required for professional dictation and voice mail, if not only a playback was required, and sending this in to the office was complicated and tedious.

With the software "Findentity Mobile Dictate" this is now a thing of the past as the device is changed over to dictate mode, that make possible to simply use it with one hand. Selected buttons and the trackball are covered with functions known from professional dictaphones. The functions which once seemed impossible with a BlackBerry smartphone – such as creating dictations of practically any length with forward and rewind functions, seamless insertion, deleting and overwriting as well as index creation – are now available. The clear user interface shows all functions in one view.

The system makes dictaphones for underway not only superfluous, but offers many more functions than the previous technique. In other words: Your BlackBerry is your mobile dictaphone including dictation and voice mail sending with which you can also make telephone calls, send and receive e-mails wirelessly, have access to the internet and manage your calendar and address register.

The format used for speech recording is smaller than DSS format, that is usual for professional purposes, and up to 20 times smaller than WAV format. At the push of a button dictations are worldwide sent to the office in shortest time, where they are at the disposal for further processing. Through the assignment of the dictation to files, clients and secretaries as well as through the assignment of processing priorities the recipient immediately knows how to process it.

Voice mails – from the BlackBerry smartphone in to the office or from BlackBerry smartphone to BlackBerry smartphone – instead of tedious creation of e-mails or SMS messages result in a gain in time of up to 90 per cent. In the office dictations can be transferred to the computer via USB. The software is available as an independent solution for BlackBerry devices.

System requirement for the BlackBerry is the BlackBerry software 4.2.1 or higher.

For playback of dictations onto you pc, we recommend Findentity Dictate or Findentity Dictate Lite.

Thax Software is specialist for truly easy to use as well as RFID based office management and dictation systems and has won the trans-European tender for a digital dictation system for the Justice of the federal state of North Rhine Westphalia in Germany in 2007. For a shot introduction into our products, please see here.


Languages: English and German
Test period free of charge: 30 days
Price per licence: 149,00 EUR excl. VAT
For your order, please contact us:

    Thax Software GmbH
    Halberstädter Str. 6
    10711 Berlin
    Phone: +49/30/89064140
    Fax: +49/30/89064144

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